A Toast! To the Dead

UPDATE: Upon further inspection, it appears the Blanca DeBree blog is actually a blog that mocks conservative bloggers? Either they are so crazy now that I cannot distinguish them from satirical bloggers or I was just momentarily blinded to sarcasm. Anyway, the moral of the story is find out the premise of a webpage before you make any comments on it.

My reply is still valid; like I said, it's the sort of post that a radical right-wing pundit would write.

And now the original post:

This idiotic post, then my reply: It is usually at this time of year that bloggers, television, and print come up with lists of all the people we have lost this year. While these memorial lists are interesting and provide context for the year in which we lived, we at the Blanca DeBree Blog believe it is more important to single out those we have lost, who were neither famous nor infamous.

It is with great pride we bring you those we have lost this year, whom you may not have known.

Felicity Nessbaum 1931 – 2009 — Mrs. Nessbaum was a teacher, wife, and avid gardener. Although she often scared neighborhood children with her 75 cats, she was a loving soul. She was killed earlier this year when one of Obama’s Death Panels decided she was too old to live.

Charles Kartmann 1927 – 2009 — Mr. Kartmann was an amateur ham radio operator and veteran of the Korean War. He was decorated with the Bronze Star and a survivor of the Chosun Battle. He was also a lifelong worker on the Pennsylvania Railroad, before it was killed off by Richard Nixon. Mr. Kartmann died this year, because he was denied health care due to exercise freaks who were stressing the system.

Victoria Alexander 1954 – 2009 — Miss Alexander was a nurse and semi-professional golfer. She earned her masters degree later in life, and was proud mother of two Cambodian children she adopted. Miss Alexander died due to shortages in the health care system brought about by giving more people access to care.

Craig Nielson 1972 – 2009 — Mr. Nielson was the youngest of five children and a new lawyer and husband. He graduated from Northwestern University just three years ago, but was already a promising member of the bar. Mr. Nielson died waiting for treatment because his hospital emergency ward was clogged with illegal Mexicans.

These were just a few of the brave souls we lost this year due to the Democrats, Obama, and health care.

-Blanca DeBree

...And I said...

You're so right, Blanca! We should remember the lives of those who weren't rich or famous.

We should remember all the women who died this year because they didn't have enough money to travel and get an abortion, so they had to resort to illegal methods.

We should remember the prisoners who died this year while serving an absurdly long sentence for drug possession.

We should remember all the children who died because of birth defects caused by our pollution and desecration of the environment.

We should remember all of our neighbors to the south who lost their lives due to our free trade policies and border police.

We should remember all the soldiers that have died this year-no matter what country they were from. As a matter of fact, the civilians too; I don't buy that we're only killing 32 at a time, whatever the official story is.

We should remember the children who were neglected by their parents and died while they were waiting on God/Allah/Jehovah to heal them.

We should remember the homeless who died on park benches, at bus stations, and on sidewalks across America because they weren't "hardworking" or "motivated" enough to get shelter and food. Or maybe they were just the victim of circumstances. No, that couldn't be! Everyone has the same opportunites in America! That's why women only make 78% as much as men in comparable positions, same-sex couples can only get married in a handful of states, and schools get more racially segregated every year. We're TOTALLY equal!

Okay, Ms. DeBree. You don't like the Democrats' idea for health care. In that case, what's your idea? Because last time I checked, the Republicans didn't have one that is going to help ANYONE other than wealthy white people.


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